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eTSCA/e-PMN Lite Client Download

The link for the lite eTSCA client can be found below. The lite client does not include encryption software that allows for the submission of files to EPA via CDX. The lite client may also be used to create draft files which may be uploaded with the e-PMN software within CDX which does contain encryption software. Submissions can no longer be made via CD or paper; they can only be submitted using EPA provided tools. Users who wish to submit online must download the full client until the e-PMN rule has come into effect.

Systems must meet the following set of minimum requirements to run the eTSCA tool:

Machine Specifications: 200 MB Hard Drive Space; 1GB RAM; 500Mhz Pentium PC or equivalent (2.0 Ghz recommended); 800 x 600 screen resolution (1280 x 1024 recommended)

Operating System: Windows XP; Mac OSX; Linux Fedora 10

Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or higher; Firefox 3.5 or higher; Safari 4 or higher

Additional Software: Java Version 6 or greater; Java Web Start version 1.6 or greater

To download, please click the button below. Installation of the tool will immediately follow.

You are in an encrypted secure session.

Help Desk: (888) 890-1995
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Last updated on August 14, 2013.
URL: https://cdx.epa.gov/ssl/TSCA/downloadetsclite.aspx