CDXCentral Data Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

CDX ARCS: Aircraft Reporting and Compliance System Questions BaSR: Burial at Sea Questions CAER: Combined Air Emissions Reporting Questions CDRS: Consent Decree Reporting System Questions CEDRI: Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface Questions CSPP: Submissions for Chemical Safety and Pesticide Programs Questions e-GGRT: Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool Questions e-NEPA: NEPA Electronic Filing System Questions eBeaches: Beach Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health System Questions eDisclosure: Voluntary Disclosure System Questions EnviroFlash: EnviroFlash Questions EPS: Electronic Permit System Questions EV-CIS: Engines and Vehicles - Compliance Information System Questions EV-CIS MFR REG: Request Manufacturer Code for Engine or Vehicle Compliance Questions FORS: FARR Online Reporting System Questions GLENDA: Great Lakes Environmental Database Query System Questions IEPB: Exchange Network Grant Semi-Annual Reporting Forms Questions LEAD: Lead-Based Paint Program Questions NeT: NPDES eReporting Tool Questions NETAQUA: NeT - Aquaculture General Permit Questions NETBIO: NeT - Biosolids Annual Program Report Questions NETCGP: NeT - NPDES Stormwater Construction General Permit Questions NetDMR: Network Discharge Monitoring Report Questions NETDMR-SYS: Network Discharge Monitoring Report - System Admin Questions NETEPAGEG: NeT - EPA Offshore Oil and Gas Extraction - Eastern Outer Continental Shelf NPDES Permit Questions NETEPAGMG: NeT - EPA Offshore Oil and Gas Extraction - Western Outer Continental Shelf NPDES Permit Questions NETMSGP: NeT - Multi-Sector General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity Questions NETPGP: NeT - NPDES Pesticide General Permit Questions NETSEWEROVERFLOW: NeT - Sewer Overflow and Bypass Reporting Questions ODS: Ozone Depleting Substances Questions OTAQDCFUEL: Office of Transportation Air Quality DC FUEL Program Questions OTAQEMTS: Office of Transportation and Air Quality EPA Moderated Transaction System Questions OTAQREG: Office of Transportation and Air Quality Fuels Registration Questions POTVP: Petitions to Object to Title V Permits Questions PSP: Pesticide Submission Portal (Company Number Requests) Questions RCRA: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Site ID Questions RCRAInfo: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information Questions RMP: Risk Management Program Questions S4S: SPeCS for SIPs Questions SDWIS: Safe Drinking Water Information System Questions STARS: Smartway Technology Application Reporting System Questions SWIPR: Subpart W Impoundment Photographic Reporting Questions TRIMEweb: Toxics Release Inventory Made Easy Web Questions UCMR5: Unregulated Contaminants Monitoring Rule 5 Questions VGP: 2013 Vessel General Permit Questions WCIT: Water Contaminant Information Tool Questions WIETS: Waste Import/Export Tracking System (Annual Reporting Only) Questions WQX: WQX Web Questions